Saturday, May 3, 2008


Paige is treated to a sexy smacking over Clare Fonda's lap as she squirms with her jeans pulled right down.
Clare slaps her sweet ass over hot tight white panties which really make the redness around them stand out.

I must say Paige is HOT!!!!!

Clare Fonda says

"We wanted to get our latest sweetie pie up as soon as possible. Paige Adams was sent by a nice new agency. We asked for a girl who had been spanked growing up and as is often the case a pretty thing with a naughty streak came thru the door. I played Paige's aunty who was a mother figure and The Cameraman was dad who only spanked Paige when she was younger- but Aunty layed down the law until Paige was in high school, and Paige was not happy about that. She's a real sasser when she gets her OTK swats and makes it even worse for her bottom- we love this kind of girl. I sneaked some pics of Page out to the blogs and response is good so consider this your first view of a new spanking starlet."

See Paige's sexy ass slapping at SPANKED SWEETIES where sweet girls feel the sting of a well spanked bottom after sexy and erotic pleasure and punishment spankings!


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