Thursday, April 17, 2008


Chloe's sexy strict Aunt Lena Ramon spanks her bottom soundly till it hurts as she squirms across her lap!!

Chloe has a lovely spankable and perfectly generous ass doesn't she!

Available on Clare Fonda's sexy erotic and punishment spanking site Girl Spanks Girl on tuesday!!

The video is over an hour long and is in the style of BACK IN THE DAY and other long domestic discipline videos Clare has released in the last few years. Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory were flown out to LA to work in this video. (Both girls got their start with Punished Brats) and Lena Ramon is a gorgeous and versatile LA fetish model cast as Auntie. Clare, the mom, asks that if Auntie has any trouble with the girls to Call he first" The Auntie takes things into her own hands, however, issuing a good long over-the panties spanking and lecture to each girl while the other sneaks a peek. The girls are shocked and kick and wiggle but it isn't until Auntie steps things up with a very embarrassing panties down spanking that she feels she is getting somewhere with her sisters' modern young ladies, who are not badly behaved overall but do need some direction in life. Auntie Lena's daughter has turned out well so she has Chloe and Sarah in "punishment uniforms" as her own daughter wore with very tight regulation style unerdpants, reminiscent of European gym class. Needless to say the girls do not want to wear them and following directions quickly without incident is one more reason why they need the sting of the hairbrush. Besides Auntie's hand is tired from the weekend! At this point the girls know not to fight their punishment and when Mom comes back she is angry to see just how much discipline the girls have taken. After all- she said "Call me First"!!!! Now it is her little sister's turn and she whacks Lena over her sassy skirt and then, following protocol that is clearly being passed down from one generation to the next lowers her panties and makes her bottom cherry red. Clare remembers how their parents did it and is not merciful on her sister. Lena knew that she had overstepped her bounds and takes a hard spanking form her angry sister Clare. Finally, spending time with her girls, Clare realizes how they did take advantage of her auntie and needs to stand up for her sister on some level, so she punishes her own daughters. She may not have believed in spanking but is upset by how her daughters tried to run the show and feels it is the best course of action to follow through with a hard hand and hairbrush on their very, very sore bottoms. Poor girls! Yes, this family's life was certainly changed this weekend - CALL ME FIRST is brand new only on Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl!!

All the girls look hot in this video and I am sure it will be a naughty pleasure to watch as all Clare Fonda's spanking scenes are:)

Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl combines erotic, sensual and disciplinary spankings. Sexy girls spanking each other's bottoms. Includes the infamous "Exclusive Education" 1 & 2 movies and the hottest spankers and spankees!

Clare Fonda spanks naughty bottoms!


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