Monday, May 19, 2008

Mel Gets Wet


Cute these girls be any hotter!!!

One of my favorite ever smacking over the panties pictures.
very sexxxy.

Mel does a naughty striptease for Amber.She thinks she is here to have a sexy spanking and play with Amber.Amber has other ideas as she uses her bare hand and the leather paddle on mel's tight dancer butt.Amber does not appreciate Mel's sounds of ecstasy so she pics up the heat.She continues to torment poor Mel who is torn between agony and arousal as she oils up her flaming cheeks,teases her with her panties and gets excruciatingly close to her naughty bits.Mel gets sent home with a wet kitty and red ass.

"I Dress them up and make them look pretty before I blister their behinds....I love to tease these naughty girls by slowly peeling down their panties and giving them wedgie,they will submit!"

""I like to oil up the babes after their spanking so their butts look like a big ripe apple.Ready to take a bit?I am..."

Vist Amber Spanks for all the erotic smacking please!

where beutiful dolls get what they deserve!...

Hard handed redhead!


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