SPANKED OVER PANTIES: Chelsea Spanks SamanthaGrace HARD!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Chelsea Spanks SamanthaGrace HARD!

Over Chelsea's lap goes voluptuous beauty Samantha Grace for what is going to be a very hard spanking!!
Chelsea warms up Samantha's bottom cheeks!
Samantha's big round sexy ass cheeks get redder and redder with each hard stinging whack from Chelsea's firm hand!
Down come Samantha's little panties revealing her super bright red spanked bottom cheeks!!

Samantha Grace came to town to try out being spanked by working for three female spanking movie producers. Everyone was wise enough to know that her visit with Chelsea ought to be her last, as no one wanted to work with a woman who was going to show up pre-marked. Since Samantha is new, not only to our productions, but to spanking in general, she did indeed get quite "colored". Chelsea tried to take it easy, warming Samantha up with an extended skirt dusting, but when she took up Samantha's pretty dress, the beautiful brunette's behind was already bright, bright red! There wasn't much point in holding back after that, aside from not wanting to take things too far for a woman who was exploring her spanking desires for the first time. After the skirt dusting, Chelsea gave an extended over-the-panties hand spanking. Of course, Samantha's black, full-bottomed panties had to come down eventually. Again, revealed in all it's very bright red glory is Samantha's gorgeously generous bottom. Finally, Chelsea gives Samantha her first taste of a paddle, using a well broken in leather paddle that still had a tremendous effect on Samantha's spanking newbie bottom. RED HOT!


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