Saturday, November 17, 2007


Chelsea lifts Pixie's dress revealing her sexy panties covered pink bottom.

Chelsea gives cutie Pixie Amber Wells a hard ass blasting spanking across her tight white panties leaving her sweet bottom cheeks deep stinging RED!!Pixie won't be able to sit down on her cherry red buns for a week!

Well, anyone familiar with the spanking super star that is Amber Pixie Wells already knows how much she likes to be spanked. But, Pixie likes it in a different way. She doesn't giggle. It causes her a great deal of discomfort and she doesn't try to hide that. She kicks and cries out, moans and grits her teeth in her efforts to take it, but she WANTS to take a LOT! For Pixie, Chelsea laid out just about every implement she owns and she simply went to town, working down the line till she finished off with the cane. Yes, you read it right, the CANE! Chelsea still can't believe how much spanking Pixie took that day. See, they started out shooting a couple of short scenes for the members' site, then they did this incredible, and mean TRULY INCREDIBLE half-hour Chelsea Spanks session that ends with a very serious caning. This, if you can believe it, was followed up with another short for the members' site, shot outdoors on a public beach because Pixie told Chelsea it had always been her fantasy of hers to be spanked outdoors. Chelsea was definitely out matched for both scenes and anyone of you out there who know the first thing about Chelsea knows that it takes quite a tough bottom to out match her. Chelsea has spanked many, many a woman who have cried out "mercy," for her and at times when she wasn't even spanking as hard as she is capable. Chelsea got no cries for mercy from Pixie. So, if you want to see absolutely scintillating spankings, that will leave you breathless, you'll definitely want to see this !



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